Dress Them Up or Down, PajamaJeans are Perfect for Every Occasion

Mariah, from Formula Mom, recently posted a review of PajamaJeans. She had seen PajamaJeans on her local news station but was still skeptical of pajama’s that could pass as jeans, but when she was given the opportunity to review them, she couldn’t pass it up. Mariah decided to wear her PajamaJeans to work for ‘jeans day’ and was shocked that no one could tell they were different from normal jeans. Mariah was sold, she loved her PajamaJeans. “No one at work knew that they weren’t regular jeans! I even talked to one of my colleagues about them and told her that they were PajamaJeans and she was shocked. So I spent the day extremely comfortable and no one knew the difference!”

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Have the Best of Both Worlds with PajamaJeans

Connect With Your Teens recently featured a review of PajamaJeans. Jennifer, author of the blog, was so amazed at how fantastic she looked in PajamaJeans that she couldn’t believe it. She decided to ask her husband for a second opinion and he thought she looked better in PajamaJeans than any of her normal jeans. Jennifer was so excited to finally have a pair of stylish jeans that were as comfortable as sweatpants. “Pajama Jeans are a great invention and are perfect for me. I work from home and wear sweatpants all day. When I want to run out to do errands, I have to change. Now, with my Pajama Jeans, I won’t need to. I am so glad that all the hype about Pajama Jeans finally got me to try a pair. I definitely recommend them,” she said.

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Pajama Jeans Are the Perfect Pants for Thanksgiving

Pajama Jeans were recently reviewed by Melissa from the blog Mommy Living the Life of Riley. Melissa is a firm believer in comfort over style due to her busy lifestyle as a mom on the go; she likes to be able to move easily when chasing after her daughter. Pajama Jeans were the perfect solution for Melissa because they offer the appearance of denim without the tight fit or annoying buttons. Melissa is going to wear her Pajama Jeans on Thanksgiving so that she can thoroughly enjoy her guilt-free feasting. “I highly recommend Pajama Jeans as the perfect women’s pants for Thanksgiving.  They’re soft on your skin, free of bulky zippers and buttons and fit like a glove, thanks to their exclusive Dormisoft denim,” she said.

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Make Life Easier with Pajama Jeans

A review of Pajama Jeans was recently featured on The Everything Soap Blog. The reviewer is a very busy mom of 2 and needs clothes that allow her to run around and take care of them. She was tired of trying to squeeze into her “pre-pregnancy jeans”, as she called them, and was looking for something she could feel comfortable in. “I am at a loss of exact words for how splendiferously freakishly AMAZING they are! They fit snug in the butt and upper thighs and make you look slimmer without actually pulling you in tight,” she said “You can truly go out for a night on the town and no one will even begin to slightly suspect your jeans aren’t regular ones and you could go to the park and roll in the dirt if you wanted to.” The mom is a very happy customer and even said she doubt’s she’ll ever go back to regular jeans.


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Pajama Jeans Work for Every Lifestyle

Enigma Scape recently featured a review of Pajama Jeans. The review found the jeans to be excellent for a busy lifestyle, especially if you’re chasing little children. Pajama Jeans allow for the look of real jeans with the comfort and flexibility of yoga pants & sweat pants. The reviewer highly skeptical of the durability of Pajama Jeans, but she was happily surprised by how well they held up through washing and wearing. “These Pajama Jeans are the most comfortable pants I’ve ever worn and they really do feel like a pair of Pajamas, but they look incredible on me. Much better than stretch pants, and they are very slenderizing,” she said. To read the full review of Pajama Jeans, check out Enigma Scape.

Look Classy in Pajama Jeans

A review of Pajama Jeans was recently featured on Natalie Hartford. Natalie was intrigued by the idea that classy looking jeans could actually be as comfortable as yoga pants and was dying to give them a try.  The Pajama Jeans were a little shorter than Natalie would have liked, but that didn’t stop her from wearing them out and about. “They are made with a cotton-spandex-denim blend and lined with Dormisoft that not only stretches (my fake maternity jeans do that) but is also super soft on the skin. Ummmm…tempting!!!” she said.

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Pajama Jeans are Perfect for Lounging Around or Being Out and About

My Jeans Reviewer recently featured a review of Pajama Jeans. The reviewer was curious if these jeans could really pass as real jeans in a setting outside of the home, and they were happily surprised. “Pajama jeans are a great new clothing invention that is commanding widespread attention among the fashion conscious who also like their comforts. These pants which have the warm and cozy feel of pajamas look like authentic designer denim jeans,” they said. The review recommends that everyone own a pair of these amazingly comfortable and stylish jeans.

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Strut Your Stuff in Pajama Jeans

Pajama Jeans were recently reviewed by Steph from Hearts and Laserbeams. Steph saw Pajama Jeans on TV and was instantly drawn to try then. Her excitement boiled as she waited anxiously for them to arrive and when they did, she instantly tried them on. Steph loved them. “The fit is nice, and they’re super comfortable,” she said.

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Comfortable Enough To Work Out- Stylish Enough To Go Out

Tricia recently featured a review of Pajama Jeans on her blog. Tricia had seen the commercial and was curious if Pajama Jeans had actually mastered sweatpants that legitimately look like denim jeans. When she took Pajama Jeans out of their package, she was thrilled- they really looked like jeans. Tricia thought the Pajama Jeans looked and felt great. “They are comfy enough that I could do a light workout in them but also look better than any of my stretchy black workout pants,” she said.

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Pajama Jeans Chosen Over High Fashion for These Girls

One mom recently found that Pajama Jeans had quickly become the favorite pair of pants for her two teenage girls. They were wearing them day and night, regardless of where they were going. She said “they are wearing their pajama jeans in lieu of their actual two hundred and twenty dollar designer jeans that just so happen to be named after a famous Los Angeles street.” Not only are Pajama Jeans fashionable but they are also very affordable, making them perfect for any family.

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